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FESP:Fine Expression Screen Printing

SANWA developed the technology of fine expression screen printing, or FESP. This technology enables high-definition expressions.Furthermore, fine uneven finishing can be applied to make prints more special, adding a tactile dimension for a beautiful appearance.It faithfully reproduces the tones of natural materials, such as wood grains and leather.

Features of FESP

Feature 01

Beautiful fine film printing

SANWA’s advanced silk screen printing technology achieves high-definition sheet printing. Additionally, film insert molding allows for decoration on curved surfaces and 3D forms.

Feature 02

Unevenly finished surface giving a textured feel

With a special printing technology that creates finely uneven surfaces, feel of natural materials such as wood and leather can be reproduced. The realistic appearance and texture, closely resemble to real things which provide a sense of luxury.

Feature 03

Beautiful hidden-until-lit design

The hidden-until-lit feature is enabled by special silk screen printing. Highly precise alignment of patterns and captions creates beautiful designs.

Feature 04

Excellent reliability and durability

Applying hard coat treatment to printing surfaces increases surface hardness, weatherability, durability, and chemical resistance, resulting in long-lasting beautiful designs.

For FESP, all processes from design to printing and machining are carried out systematically in SANWA. It allows for rapid prototyping, and flexible and prompt response to customer demands.

Samples of FESP

Sample 01

A variety of material expressions

Replicating various materials by high-fineness printing and surface processing

Wood grains (cross and straight)

Sample 02

Beautiful hidden-until-lit design

By allowing light to pass through, the appearance changes in various ways.

Dead front

Examples of high-quality products created with the FESP technology


The appearance and texture of real leather and carbon finishing can be created for the interior decoration of luxurious cars at lower costs. Hidden-until-lit designs adorn air conditioner console panels.

  • Console
  • Cup holder (Lid)
  • Front door
  • Rear door
  • Driver’s seat ornament
  • Passenger’s seat upper pocket
  • Passenger’s seat footrest pad
  • Lower
  • Upper
Home appliances

The quality levels of uniqueness and luxury of home appliances can be improved by decorating the product surfaces with natural material tones. The hidden-until-lit design is suited for the operation panels of washing machines, rice cookers, etc.

  • Operation panel
  • Display panel
SANWA’s FESP technology achieves a wide range of high-fineness and realistic expressions, providing possibilities for enhancing designability and texture of resin products.