Creating new wonders with new decoration technology.


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Our Strengths

SANWA is a leading company in decoration technology, which is used to screen print and apply paint onto molded material.
Delivering new wonders to customers throughout the world, where do our strengths lie?

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Core Technologies

New decoration techniques, created from a determined challenging spirit. Techniques that achieve assured quality and excellent cost performance by combining these in-house developed technologies. SANWA’s core technologies enable manufacturing with a high degree of freedom utilizing the refined sense of people.

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Our Products

From car emblems to shift indicators, home appliances, and ATM operation panels. SANWA’s decoration technology is ingrained in what you see and operate every day.

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SANWA’s History

Our burning passion for manufacturing is something that has never changed since the company was founded. Throughout SANWA’s history we have continued to work on challenges with the consistent feeling of never giving up.

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The SANWA Group was the first to promote global expansion as a front runner of the decoration industry. Our business sites span widely from Asia to North America.

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